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Water System Engineering in Ontario

Water System Engineering Services Design / Build

Water supply, drinking water system compliance programs and water treatment programs is our expertise with a wide range of clients.   
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In Ontario, we can design or evaluate your existing treatment equipment and water treatment systems to ensure it is compliant with the Ministry of Environment Procedure for Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario, O.Reg.170/03 and O.Reg.319/08 of the Drinking Water Systems Regulation.
In British Columbia, we can design or evaluate your water treatment system to ensure it is compliant with the Drinking Water Protection Act.
Accredited in Rainwater Harvesting Design and a member of ARCSA
Through a laboratory accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) and on-site analysis, we have the expertise to collect all types of drinking and process water samples as required.
Our in-depth knowledge of instrumentation, SCADA systems, IOT and process control complements our design, providing remote system access and control, historical data, and email/sms alarm messaging for maximum system assurance.
With our industry partners, we are able to provide a turnkey installation of your designed water plant. From concept to completion and beyond, we can provide you with a practical, affordable solution for all your water needs.

our clients needs

Our Engineering projects span across Canada and are meticulously reviewed, evaluated and tailored to meet our clients needs such as

Commercial businesses

Wine/Beer Industry


Truck stops



Small communities

Industrial processes

Farming industry

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