Welcome to Intuitive Water Systems

The Practical Solution

Founded in 2003 with roots from a generational family business since 1954, Intuitive Water Systems Inc. has evolved into a water quality engineering company operating in Ontario and British Columbia. Focused on rainwater harvesting systems, Ontario drinking water systems O.Reg. 170/03, O.Reg. 319/08 and the B.C. Drinking Water Protection Regulation, we provide full design/build systems including Engineering Evaluation Reports and H2OnAlert remote monitoring control solutions.

Our Services

Your water system is unique to your business – not every one is alike… 

We specialize in providing engineering designs, assessments, and reports for water systems, including O.Reg. 170/03 and O. Reg 319/08 drinking water sites. 

Your primary ingredient…water. The purpose is to bring your raw water to the high-quality you need for your final product. By doing this, we protect you and your customers from the potential consumption of harmful water.  

In addition, by improving the quality of returning wastewater this will help protect the environment and reduce costs. 

The function of the H2OnAlert system is to let you know that your equipment is running efficiently, safely, accurately and in accordance with your designed water recipe.  

 We are able to provide a complete, affordable, continuous, monitoring and control solution to ensure product consistency and managed water and wastewater.