For Water Treatment providers who need to remotely ensure their drinking water treatment system is operating safely, efficiently, and to local governing regulations, Intuitive Water Systems has developed an affordable hardware agnostic monitoring, logging and alarm notification system that allows the provider to help conserve water, pro-actively schedule service, and know what parts/tools are required to get the job done right, eliminating unnecessary service calls. Our monitoring product, H2OnAlert, can be accessed remotely through a web browser or mobile app 24/7.

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View Sensor Data in Real Time. H2OnAlert App

H2OnAlert System 16

Monitor any combination of up to 8 points digital AND 8 points analog for 16 point remote monitoring.

*Note: Internet service, wired or wireless required. Sensors extra.

Digital (on/off) e.g. Pulse count water meters, dry contacts, float switches high/low alarms, equipment alarms etc.

Analog (4-20mA) e.g. Pressure sensors, TDS sensors, pH sensors, ORP sensors, chlorine analyzer, UV outputs, level transducers, ultrasonic transducers etc.

Hardware unit is pre-wired with low voltage, pluggable terminals - simply install your sensor wiring into the solderless mating terminal and crimp! Easy to remove and replace if ever needed. Once energized and connected to the internet, a few small steps will have your system automated and logging your equipment as fast as every 5 seconds!

Also included with the H2OnAlert System is the following:
  • Remote set up and configuration support of the wall mounted hardware system and connection verification to H2OnAlert software
  • Real-time alarm text messaging and/or email alerts for up to 5 users
  • Technical phone support 9:00 am - 4:30 pm EST Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)
  • Up to 5 concurrent users of the H2OnAlert software system on both desktop version and mobile app
  • All new software features and upgrades
  • No charge mobile app for iOS or Android
  • Replacement monitoring panel in event of hardware failure under normal operations. (does not include damage from neglect, power issues, etc.)

Pre-installed, plug and play add-ons available (in addition to the 16 digital/analog points):

Viqua Pro Series UV monitoring of mJ, alarms, flow rates, bulb life and more! - single cable and software included.

Luminor BlackComb Series UV monitoring of intensity, alarms, lamp time and more! - interface module required.

Cable and software pre-installed in panel ready for module plug-in.

Additional manufacturer’s equipment add-ons coming soon!

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H2OnAlert 8/16 Specifications


Environmental Rating:
NEMA 4X, IEC529-IP65
Ambient Temperature:
0 to 49°C (32 to 120°F)
Storage Temperature:
-29 to 80°C (-20 to 176°F)
Exterior Dimensions ( LxWxH):
304.5mm x 203 mm x 132.5 mm (12” x 8” x 5.2”)
Mounting Hardware:
(4) wall brackets & (4) M5x10mm self tapping screws


24 VDC 36 Watt wall plug adaptor, Class II Construction, UL/CUL60950-1 approved as limited power source (LPS)
Digital Inputs
8x optically isolated 24 VDC inputs
Analog Inputs
8x 4 to 20mA inputs with 12 bit resolution; 2 wire, internally powered by 24 VDC loop power from H2OnAlert. Powered analog output signals from sensors/devices also compatible.

Add On Device Connections

Viqua Pro Series UV
Connect the supplied male RJ45 cable into the first port of the Viqua UV controller. Subsequent UV controllers can be “daisy chained” with standard ethernet patch cables.
Luminor Blackcomb Series UV
Connect the Luminor Interface Panel (sold separately) to one of the 4 USB ports of the H2OnAlert. Connect the 2.5mm jack of the interface panel into any of themodules within the UV system.

Wire Connections

Pluggable insulated bullet style crimped connectors, for wire size AWG 16-22


Network Connection

Can be networked with either connecting a standard ethernet cable from Internet source (Switch, Router, Hub, etc) to the provided ethernet RJ45 receptacle. Can also be networked via WiFi. Refer to Network connection instructions for further details/guidance.

Data Update Frequency

Configurable through the setup of H2OnAlert Server. Default value is approximately 5 seconds. The panel can be configured to send data every 5 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes, or 1 hour.

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