To have the capability of a higher level control of your biggest and most important ingredient – your water is a vital process. You would have the ability to easily customize the “recipe” of the water you use for every beer you craft. You control the hardness and alkalinity, mineral content, by using Reverse Osmosis (R/O) to ensure the removal of unwanted tastes and chemicals that exist in your source water whether it comes from a well, a spring, or municipal supply.

Customizing your water supply is an important step to making better beers. You would be able to continuously monitor not only the quality of your water, but all the consumption, all in real time. You would know how and where water is being used throughout your operation, how much is used to make your products, and how much is used for cleaning. In the event of a malfunction during the process, Intuitive Water’s monitoring system notifies you, saving you valuable time, money and production loss. Know your source, manage your consumption, monitor your business while meeting your budget requirements.

Making even better beer is the best return of all.