How upgrading your water system is the next step In supporting your chickens.  

Water is paramount for the well-being of your birds. Whether it comes from a well, cistern, or a municipal source – 70% of your birds make up is water. Water plays a vital role in regulating body temperature, food ingestion, and elimination of body wastes. At normal temperatures, chicks and chicken consume at least twice as much water as feed. When heat stress occurs, water consumption doubles, and even quadruple. A safe and adequate supply of water is essential for efficient poultry production.  

In Canada, the poultry sector is a driving force in the Canadian economy from coast to coast.

Livestock producers need to provide management with optimal support for monitoring both the animals and their environmental. The data delivery provides the metrics that enable the producers to generate higher efficiency and productivity. 

Talk to an Intuitive Water Systems specialist today about the water requirements at your poultry operation. We can recommend the best way to start taking charge of your water, while meeting your budget requirements. It’s an investment that produces tangible returns, including cost savings and peace of mind.