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Water requirements vary significantly across industry sectors. Intuitive Water Systems has developed specific products and solutions to address the needs of the following types of businesses.

Better beers

Craft Breweries

Water is the single largest, and most important ingredient in beer. Intuitive lets brewers take control of all aspects of their water usage, from customizing water “recipes” for different types of beers, to monitoring consumption and wastewater output volumes.

Craft Brewer Solutions
Water into wine


Wineries recognize that improved water management practices can be very important to their business operations. Intuitive offers practical and affordable sustainability solutions for winery owners and operators. Overall reductions in water use and wastewater costs are some the immediate benefits.

Winery Solutions
For the birds

Poultry Industry

Intuitive Water Systems has extensive experience working with the needs of poultry operations. The feed requirements of growing poultry are directly related to bird weight. Water requirements are related to feed consumption and to the air temperature. Over half of the water intake of poultry is obtained from the feed. Automatic watering equipment ensures poultry have free access to water at all times.

Poultry Solutions

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