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Sustainable Water In – Water Out Management Systems


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Who We Are?

  • Engineers (in-house)
  • Civil Engineering Technologists
  • Hydro-geologists
  • Master Plumbers
  • MOE Licensed Well Pump Installers
  • Certified Cross Connection Control Specialists
  • Licensed System Installers (waste and water)
  • Certified Small Drinking Water System Operators
  • Waste Treatment Plant Operators
The Perfect Solution

Commercial Water System Products

Through H2OnAlert we deliver a proactive, real-time identification, and notification system that provides you with the peace of mind you need in order to focus on your business. Our cloud based automated data analysis system, H2OnAlert, is able to monitor your water system letting you know that it is running smoothly, and in accordance with your designed water recipe. In the event of an issue, an automated text or email will notify you or your service technician(s). Data and service reports are held securely for historical analysis of your operations, promoting water conservation, and keeping operational costs down.

UV Solution

Water Treatment Hamilton Ontario Canada

Know from anywhere that
your water is safe.

Monitoring Panel

Commercial Water Treatment Hamilton Ontario Canada

16 point water monitoring panel
for your water plant.

Water Monitoring/Control Solution

Water Monitoring Systems Hamilton Ontario Canada

Engineered to order, water
monitoring/control solutions.

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Sustainable Water Systems

Water System Engineering

Ultimately, Intuitive Water Systems Inc., through our in-house engineering department, will work with you to create a sustainable water system. Using H2OnAlert to monitor your investment, will help reduce problems with your water supply, lengthen equipment life, and drive real cost savings to your bottom line, while ensuring high quality water to your business. With our partners in the industry, we are able to provide a one-stop shop for all your wastewater needs at the same time, for a complete water in – water out management system.

Water System Engineering Hamilton Ontario Canada

Custom Engineered
sustainable water systems

Industry Specific Water Solutions

Engineered Water Systems

Water requirements vary significantly across industry sectors. Intuitive Water Systems Inc. has developed specific products and solutions to address the needs of the following types of businesses:

Custom water treatment systems for breweries

Better Beer

Craft Breweries

Water is the single largest, and most important ingredient in beer. Intuitive Water Systems Inc. lets brewers take control of all aspects of their water usage, from customizing water “recipes” for different types of beers, to monitoring consumption and wastewater output volumes.

As a serious craft brewer, you already know how important water is ...


Custom water treatment systems for wineries

Water into Wine


Wineries recognize that improved water management practices can be very important to their business operations.

Intuitive Water Systems Inc. offers practical and affordable sustainability solutions for winery owners and operators. Overall reductions in water use and wastewater costs are some the immediate benefits.


Custom water treatment systems for restaurants

Recipes for Success

Food & Beverage

The best dishes begin with a great recipe. Whether you are operating an independent restaurant or an international franchise, your recipes are a key component of your formula for success. At Intuitive Water Systems Inc., we develop water recipes.

Our mission is to create sustainable water systems for businesses to meet your ideal product requirements.


Custom water treatment systems for greenhouses

Quality Crops


Water consumption and water quality are very important factors when growing quality greenhouse crops. Intuitive Water Systems Inc. offers solutions to manage both. Water is often taken for granted. It’s often assumed that all water is compatible for plants.

What is the right water for growing?

Poor quality water contributes to slow...


Custom water treatment systems for farmers

For the Birds

Poultry Industry

Intuitive Water Systems Inc. has extensive experience working with the needs of poultry operations. The feed requirements of growing poultry are directly related to bird weight. Water requirements are related to feed consumption and to the air temperature. Over half of the water intake of poultry is obtained from the feed. Automatic watering equipment ensures poultry have free access to water at all times.


Tim Hortons CLUBLINK Water Depot Chickworks Las Acres Farms Tim Hortons CLUBLINK Water Depot Chickworks Las Acres Farms

Intuitive Water Systems Inc.

Intuitive Water Systems Inc. is a Certified Professional Engineering Company that designs, installs, manages and monitors commercial water and wastewater applications across Canada. Our clients include restaurants, golf and country clubs, equine centers, and food processing plants.

Intuitive Water Systems Inc. crafts water recipes that provide companies with a superior primary ingredient – exceptional water. Coffees, beers, and wines are primarily made of water. Your ability to create and deliver a consistently high quality beverage product begins by using a consistent water formula.
We offer a continuous monitoring solution to ensure that this is delivered consistently, and we manage wastewater output to achieve required compliance. We are a complete water solutions provider.
We create sustainable water system environments to meet your water delivery specifications. This ensures that your source and production water are of the highest quality and consistency. By doing this, we protect you and your customers from the consumption of harmful water. We help protect the environment through waste reduction by improving the quality of returning wastewater.
Lloyd Laidman - Intuitive Water Systems Inc.

Lloyd Laidman holds a Ministry of Environment Class 4 Well Tech License, Red Seal Master Plumbing Certification (Canada-wide), TSSA License, Cross Connection Control Specialist Certification, Small Drinking Water Systems Operator License. Lloyd is a CSA B65 Technical Committee voting member on Decentralized Wastewater (responsible for developing a nationwide Standard for design, installation and maintenance for on-site wastewater systems). He is a voting member of CSA B128 Non-potable water systems (water reuse) and CSA B126 Water Cisterns Technical Committee. Lloyd is Past Vice-President of the Ontario Ground Water Association, and is a member in good standing with the OGWA, WQA, CWQA and OOWA.

Our team is comprised of Engineers (in-house), Civil Engineering Technologists, Hydro-geologists, Licensed System Installers (both waste and water), Master Plumbers, Certified Cross Connection Control Specialists, MOE Licensed Well Pump Installers, Certified Small Drinking Water System Operators, and Waste Treatment Plant Operators.

Lloyd is a Proud Member of OGWA, WQA, CWQA and OOWA

Water is the first and most important ingredient. Start with the best water possible!