Water consumption and water quality are very important factors when growing quality greenhouse crops. Intuitive Water Systems offers solutions to manage both. Water is often taken for granted. It’s often assumed that all water is compatible for plants.

What is the right water for growing?

Poor quality water contributes to slow growth, poor aesthetic quality of the crop and can even result in the eventual death of your plants. Some of the important water quality factors are soluble salts, alkalinity, and the sodium adsorption ratio. There are other factors to consider, such as hard water salts, calcium, magnesium, heavy metals or individual toxic ions which can be present in the water. Not only do these solubles affect your plants; they can also cause damage to your equipment.

Where does your water come from?

Municipal sources may be treated with elevated concentrations of chlorine. Irrigation water requires constant monitoring. Rainwater held in large storage tanks must be kept impeccably clean. Pond water can be a source of diseases and contaminants. Your source water is critical, and preservation is crucial to your business.

Responsible consumption.

One of the challenges is to determine reasonable water use for various crops. Proper water management and the methods that work best for you and your production are essential, not only in the planning stages of greenhouses but for years to come for your crops. Optimizing your water use not only saves water (and money); it also demonstrates your responsibility to the environment. Intuitive’s remote monitoring system and proprietary software H2OnAlert measures your water consumption, PH levels, humidity, temperature and much more. You can access the system from your laptop or cell phone in real time. Take control over this important part of your greenhouse operation.

Intuitive has the practical solution.

H202, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet light with filtration are a few options that can be used for purifying greenhouse water. Depending on your water source, Intuitive Water Systems can build and install the system best suited to your business needs.