The best dishes begin with a great recipe.

Whether you are operating an independent restaurant or an international franchise, your recipes are a key component of your formula for success. At Intuitive Water we develop water recipes for virtually all forms of source water, including municipal/city water supply and rural and remote locations. Our mission is to create sustainable water systems for businesses to meet your ideal product requirements while ensuring your production water is safe and of the highest quality. We also help you comply with municipal and government regulations and help the environment by eliminating any harmful discharge and reducing wastewater.

All water is not created equal

The taste of your beverage will change depending on the composition and treatment of the water being used. Changing the recipe of your water is a fundamental way to differentiate your product from your competitors. What are the levels of sodium, calcium and magnesium in your water supply? Are you adequately filtering your water to optimize taste? Is your water source pure? There is a science behind your water and Intuitive Water are experts in that science

What’s in your water?

Intuitive Water will test your water composition for numerous chemicals and substances. We craft a water recipe to meet your requirements, then custom design and build a water treatment/filtration system which typically includes ultra-violet purification or reverse osmosis. Once installed, we remotely monitor the system with our proprietary software system, H2OnAlert, that measures water consumption, pressures in and out, temperature and relative wastage to name a few. You have access to your data from your personal laptop or cell phone in real time, providing you with peace of mind in knowing that your operation is running efficiently.

Already have your own system?

We can enhance what you already have in place, or simply add our sensors and link to H2OnAlert to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

A practical solution.